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Prevention Services Manager


Mission Statement

Pa. Family Support Alliance provides education, support, and training programs to make Pennsylvania safe for children.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance

Position Description

Position Title:  Prevention Services Manager

Supervisor: Haven Evans, Director of Programs

Job Classification: Exempt

Physical Work Environment: Private office; main office 8-10 staff; free onsite parking; ADA accessible

Corporate Competencies:

  • All children should be valued, believed and cared for so they grow and thrive free from maltreatment.
  • Each family has its own unique strengths.
  • All parents and caregivers have the right to receive parenting education and support to strengthen their parenting skills and family.
  • Everyone has a role to play in protecting children and should learn how to recognize and report child maltreatment to safely intervene when a child is not safe.
  • Child abuse and neglect are complicated societal health issues and addressing them requires commitment and a multi-faceted solution focused response from both the public and private sectors.
  • PFSA does not support corporal punishment as an effective or acceptable form of child discipline.

Essential Job Function: 

Responsible for the administration of PFSA’s statewide network of support and education programs. This includes developing, maintaining and presenting training curriculum that provides high quality, accurate and useful information to assist staff of affiliated organizations in providing family support and education programs for families they serve. Conduct site visits of affiliated programs and provide resources for best practices. Responsible for demonstration of outcome measures, and objectives outlined in the program funding contract.

Develops educational materials that promote positive parent-child interactions and the position of PFSA as a leader in the field of child abuse prevention.   Writes/edits PFSA’s quarterly newsletter and contributes to updating and revising information on website.

Manages all aspects of the Front Porch Project (community-based prevention initiative), including coordinating local training sessions, presenting the training to local groups, and supervision of local trainers. Develop and expand the training curriculum in response to emerging trends and participant evaluations. Promote the project in community, child welfare, family support and faith-based organizations. Review and analyze evaluation forms and create progress reports.

Working Relationships:

This position reports to the Director of Programs and is considered a senior staff position at PFSA.  As such, this position is held to a high standard of responsibility for contributing to the enhanced professional standing of the organization and a positive work environment for all staff. The position interfaces with a wide range of professionals including PFSA personnel, members of the Board of Trustees, state and local governmental representatives and staff from organizations, institutions and facilities that interface with the child welfare system.  The ability to demonstrate and maintain positive interpersonal relationships internal and external to PFSA is essential.


  • Ordinarily prompt, appropriately uses leave time as defined by the personnel policies;

attends functions of the organization.


  • Maintains stable working relationships and functions well with others; assists in

development of team unity and approach.


  • Understands written policies and procedures; seeks appropriate assistance when

necessary.  Seeks to improve organization through efficient use of resources and processes.


  • A consistent interest in the improvement of job skills, the organization and PFSA network.


  • Shows respect for others and makes a professional impression.

Specific/Secondary Job Duties:

Develop and Support statewide network of PFSA programs.

  • Ensure programs meet affiliation standards and receive training, technical assistance and information that is of the highest quality and benefit to affiliate organizations in their administration of Family Support Programs. Remain aware of changing needs of affiliates, the environment in which they operate and the field of child welfare in order to introduce new program services as appropriate.

Ensure the development and distribution of quality publications to parent consumers and family support organizations.

  • Materials aimed at educating parents and professionals and marketing PFSA programs are to be relevant for these populations and of the highest quality possible.  Materials may include quarterly newsletters, educational curriculums, brochures and electronic media through the organization’s web site. Solicit consumer feedback on potential publications and adapt as needed to reflect consumer interests.

Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with statewide organizations providing family support services that prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

  • On-going correspondence (written and verbal) with Children and Youth offices, Family Centers and various regional/statewide organizations for the purpose of promoting PFSA programs and services.

Develop program reports in compliance with funding source and upon request by President and CEO

  • Program reports reflecting accurate, thorough information and a professional appearance for funding sources and Board of Directors.

Manage the Front Porch Project (FPP).

  • Contact local organizations with interest in sponsoring FPP sessions, schedule trainers, develop handout materials and power point programs. Provide training to communities as needed.
  • Oversee local trainer program, selecting trainers, providing training and ongoing support and monitoring local trainers’ performance and adherence to the FPP model.
  • Review participant evaluation forms and adapt program as needed to reflect consumer comments. Create progress reports and develop new areas of training as appropriate.

Administer Families in Recovery parenting curriculum statewide. 

  • Develop strategic alliances with main drug and alcohol service providers
  • Develop contractual relationship for implementation of Recovering Families in residential and outpatient treatment facilities
  • Provide training of curriculum directly per funding availability
  • Train trainers through the establishment of independent contractor agreements.
  • Gather and analyze data for ongoing research purposes.

Manage ACT Raising Safe Kids Program statewide

  • Contact local organizations with interest in providing this program to the parents in their community.
  • Oversee facilitator program, providing training and ongoing support and monitoring facilitator performance and adherence to the ACT model.
  • Train new master trainers through the establishment of independent contractor agreements.
  • Gather and forward data for ongoing research purposes to APA

Family Digital Wellness initiative statewide

  • Obtain certification, trainings and other learning opportunities to become and remain an expert in digital wellness
  • Create materials and training opportunities for professionals and parents to become knowledgeable in family digital wellness

Perform other duties as requested.

Maintain an up to date desk reference manual.

Required & demonstrated knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualifications (KSAQ’s)


  • Working knowledge of PA’s child and family servicing agencies and how they intersect
  • Curriculum development/instructional design and outcome measurement techniques.
  • Working knowledge of basic office equipment, copier, fax, etc.
  • Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel, Outlook and MS PowerPoint, in particular)
  • Knowledge of Salesforce is a plus
  • Virtual platforms of Zoom and GoToWebinar


  • Strong organizational and project management.
  • Ability to engage participants through in person and virtual training platforms.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Focus on attention to details
  • Work independently, solution focused problem solver
  • Travel statewide during and in excess of business hours, up to and including consecutive days.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • 3-5 years of experience training, working with parents and caregivers, program coordination/ development

How to Apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by emailing their resume to info@pafsa.org

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