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Our Mission

Pa Family Support Alliance provides education, support, and training programs to make Pennsylvania safe for children.

Our Vision

For all children to grow and thrive free from abuse and neglect.

Our Values

Adaptive • Agile • Collaborative • Committed • Passionate • Reliable • Responsive • Visionary

Strategic Plan

1.    Expand and diversify programs to meet changing needs in both virtual and in-person environments.

  • Grow Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) Network by 15% by the end of strategic plan cycle, including at least one CBCAP agency from three new counties
  • Introduce a new evidence-based statewide prevention program by FY 2023
  • Develop and provide virtual “Mutual Support” networks for parents and special caregiver populations during calendar year 2021
  • Institute regular collaborative roundtable forums within CBCAP Network
  • Obtain approval from Dept. of Human Services/Office of Children, Youth and Families to offer new version of Mandated Reporter Training (MRT)specifically for law enforcement
  • Transition Disclosure and Neglect training to online format
  • Prepare and provide professional development for organizational and contracted trainers to confidently engage audiences virtually
  • Expand MRT Train the Trainer options to include the Disclosure and Neglect curriculum

2.    Demonstrate and validate the quality and value of PFSA’s programs through more sophisticated evaluation efforts.

  • Standardize and expedite PFSA program data entry and reporting process through implementation of Microsoft Power BI
  • Produce and distribute an outcomes report for Mandated Reporter Training and Families in Recovery programs
  • Contract with third-party analytical research service

3.    Advance a comprehensive communication and public relation program to promote PFSA’s role as the state’s leading expert in child abuse prevention.

  • Implement an annual Program Plan for CBCAP Network and report results
  • Publish a “CBCAP: A Year in Review” summary for distribution to CBCAP Network members by end of calendar year 2021
  • Institutionalize consistent process for sharing CBCAP agency highlights involving PFSA training/services
  • Use communication and public relation metrics to increase PFSA’s reach as a leading expert in child abuse prevention
  • Create promotional video that highlights all MRT curriculums
  • Create promotional video for CBCAP Network including current member endorsements
  • Launch a podcasts series that addresses both prevention and intervention strategies for parents and professionals

4.    Increase PFSA’s influence on public policy that advances prevention programs and strengthens PA’s child welfare system.

  • Establish relationships with all newly elected state legislators from both parties while educating them about the services of PFSA and the importance of primary prevention efforts
  • Identify, engage, and unify the voices of champions within state legislature who will advance child abuse prevention programs and services provided by PFSA
  • Customize communication for legislative leaders and their staff on key child abuse prevention efforts and PFSA services
  • Leverage social media, communications and public relations efforts for relationship building and to advance our policy agenda
  • Increase participation of legislative leadership, in PFSA events, including current administration/cabinet level secretaries
  • Reinforce the public policy agendas of other statewide organizations with compatible mission and vision
  • Endorse and promote public policy initiatives with systemic implications aligned with PFSA’s mission

5.    Deepen PFSA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice.

  • Participate in a formal assessment process to establish an organizational baseline of understanding and application of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices
  • Provide education and resources for employees and directors on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Review all programs through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion for potential adjustments and adaptations
  • Refine board and staff recruitment process to increase diversity in candidate pools
  • Articulate organizational statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Ensure all marketing and communications reflect the organizational statement

6.    Ensure that PFSA remains competitive, and agile through strong leadership and infrastructure.

  • Update organizational design to improve operations by assessing organizational structure, systems and workflow, position responsibilities and lines of authority for decision-making
  • Review current salary and benefits to determine alignment with industry standards
  • Enhance public recognition of exceptional staff performance through an employee recognition program
  • Continue to identify regular professional development opportunities for individuals and staff to increase overall knowledge and skill capacity within the organization
  • Increase robust board participation and engagement
  • Complete an annual assessment of technology with an accompanying improvement plan to streamline workflow efficiencies
  • Assess PFSA’s advancement needs and create a realistic plan that leverages PFSA’s existing strengths and resources in fund development

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