Pennsylvania Protection Law

Pennsylvania Protection Law

The state law defining child abuse, requirements related to reporting and the role of county child welfare offices is called
The Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (CPSL).

Purposes of the CPSL:

  • Establish protective services in each county for the purposes of investigating reports swiftly and competently
  • Provide protection for children from further abuse
  • Provide rehabilitative services for children and parents involved to:
    • Ensure the child’s well-being, andPreserve, stabilize, and protect the integrity of family life wherever appropriate, ORProvide an alternative permanent family when the unity of the family cannot be maintained
  • Encourage more complete reporting of child abuse
  • Involve law enforcement agencies in responding to child abuse
  • Establish procedures to assess risk of harm to a child in order to:
    • Respond adequately to meet the needs of the family and child who may be at risk
    • Prioritize the response and services to children at most risk

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