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Strengthening Connections One Day at a Time

PA Family Support Alliance developed the Families in Recovery program to provide support and education to families, parents, and children who have been touched by addiction and are living in recovery.

This comprehensive experiential and educational program attends to a variety of challenges and experiences common to parents in recovery, including identifying strengths, needs and resiliencies; exploring healthy parenting in balance with recovery needs, understanding the person-focused and family-centered changes process; promoting healthy parenting and communication styles; developing healthy coping skills and modeling self-care; coping with guilt, shame and stigma; and developing a personalized family blueprint for overall wellness.

Program Highlights

  • Theoretically integrative framework with a holistic strengths-and-needs approach
  • Promotes self-efficacy, resilience, and empowerment
  • Inclusive, culturally sensitive, and supports a variety of approaches to recovery-wellness
  • Support and education for parents on how to manage emotions and develop sustaining and healthy relationships
  • Trauma-informed, family, and person-centered; easy to individualize
  • Promotes holistic wellness of parents, caregivers, and children
  • Encourages and identifies the importance of developing social connections and increases knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Designed to be delivered in seven sessions at two hours per session with flexible structuring to be adapted to meet your program needs
  • Appropriate for use in group settings including:
    • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
    • Parenting collaborative and groups
    • Family support programs
  • Over 50 pages of valuable content and workspace to be used experientially within a group or on an individual basis
  • Participant workbooks are accompanied by instructor manual to support and guide facilitators from various disciplines and education backgrounds
  • Instructor manual features supplemental resources: icebreakers, activity suggestions, and handouts
  • Informed by and inclusive of The Strengthening Families Protective Factors™

Training Program

The Families in Recovery program can only be implemented and delivered by authorized providers attend PFSA’s Families in Recovery New Facilitator Training program.

The Families in Recovery New Facilitator Training Program builds the capacity of Families in Recovery (FiR) program sites/providers to be able to deliver the FiR program and conduct FiR sessions directly for their community. The program is designed to support facilitators and organizations to take on an essential and ongoing role in the community for supporting families who have been affected by substance use disorder (SUD).

The New Facilitator Training consists of a required two-day virtual training session and a formal onboarding plan for each facilitator. The training sessions are held once per quarter and an application is required to register. To learn more, download and view the New Facilitator Training Program Overview document.

2024 Training Dates:

  • January 23-24; 9am – 3:30pm (eastern)
  • April 23-24; 9am – 3:30pm (eastern)
  • July 16-17; 9am – 3:30pm (eastern)
  • October 22-23; 9am – 3:30pm (eastern)
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For more information about the Families in Recovery program, training opportunities, or site locations, please contact: [email protected].

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