Working Together To Prevent Child Abuse

New Way To Participate In Child Abuse Prevention Month

(Harrisburg, PA) – Everyone – no matter who you are, where you live, or what your life circumstances – can participate in our “Working Together to Prevent Child Abuse” hexagon project.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance is working with the Interdependence Hexagon Project on Working Together to Prevent Child Abuse.  The Hexagon Project is inspired by the Interdependence Movement. The goal of the Interdependence Movement is to work towards a more civil, peace-minded, and just world. It began after 9/11, as a way to reflect not just on the injustices of the world, but to ask ourselves what we can do to change things. The Hexagon Project is about seeing the big picture collectively. The more we talk about the interdependence of our lives, the more we can come up with solutions that include everyone!

Child abuse and neglect is a problem that’s too big for any one non-profit organization, government office, or law enforcement agency to solve. Everyone has a role to play in preventing child abuse and everyone can do something to help. If parents, neighbors, faith-based organizations, businesses, medical professionals – the entire community – work together, child abuse can be prevented. When we realize that we’re all connected, we begin to see solutions and make commitments to help. 

Working Together to Prevent Child Abuse is a way to begin finding solutions. It’s an opportunity to identify what you’re already doing as an individual or a group, talk with others to come up with more ideas, and share those ideas with others via creation of hexagons. 

When placed together, the hexagons are a great reminder that each of us is part of a community that cares about keeping kids safe. Each life touches the lives of others and when we work together we can prevent child abuse.

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