WJET-TV: Group working to train professionals working with children how to spot warning signs of abuse

The Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance is working to train professionals who work with children on how to spot the warning signs of abuse.

The non-profit is widely recognized as the leading expert on child protection and child abuse prevention in the state.

According to members of the organization, this meeting provides the tips for professionals on ways to combat child sex trafficking.

Haven Evans, the director of the organization, says it’s important for professionals that are working with children to be vigilant on signs of abuse.

“And to realize children that are acting out, it may not be behavioral issues or maybe there’s other things happening in their lives and they need to dig a little deeper.” Evans said.

Evans hopes to gather more professionals to meet with next year to further learn about the warning signs of abuse.

From WJET-TV, September 22, 2021

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