Times News Online: PFSA launches wellness website

Pa. Family Support Alliance launched its Family Digital Wellness Hub, an effort designed to provide parents, caregivers, and communities with the tools and resources they need to keep Pennsylvania’s children safe.

The hub can be found at https://pafsa.org/family-digital-wellness.

“We have reached a time when parents and professionals can no longer just focus on limiting screen time or taking the device away in order to keep children safe – that is an outdated scenario,” said Angela M. Liddle, president and CEO of PFSA. “Because of the nature of these platforms, how rapidly technology changes, and how adept child predators have become, we need to equip families and communities with the tools and resources they need to manage their children’s usage. Digital safety is no longer enough, we must prioritize their digital wellness.”

As part of the organization’s Hub, PFSA is providing a free practical guide for parents, caregivers, and communities that contains easily digestible information on social media, digital use, and how to prevent children from being harmed in virtual environments. The guide also includes a detailed FAQ section, tips, interactive quizzes, fact sheets, and action steps.

The Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance helps prevent child abuse and protects children by helping parents learn positive parenting techniques, educating professionals and volunteers who work with children to recognize and report child abuse, and helping community members learn how they can play a positive role in keeping children safe.

To learn more, visit pafsa.org or call 800-448-4906.

From Times News Online, August 22, 2022

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