RCPA: PA Family Support Alliance Offers Free Mandated Reporter Training in May 2023

Responding to Disclosures of Child Abuse is for mandated reporters who have taken training on recognizing and reporting child abuse before and need to take it again. This training is designed to help professionals and volunteers respond to disclosures of child abuse in a way that is sensitive and supportive to the child, but without tainting the child’s memory. The curriculum is approved by the Departments of Human Services, Education, and State and meets all requirements for training on recognizing and reporting child abuse (to include Act 126 for school employees). It is also approved for continuing education credits under Act 31 (Department of State for health-related licenses) and Act 48 (Department of Education for teachers) at no cost. PFSA will submit your training verification to the Department of State or Education as appropriate on your behalf (details provided during training).

From RCPA, April 26, 2023

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  • When will the next mandated child abuse reporting training for professionals (I’m a psychologist) be held? Your website states one was offered in May but I don’t see anything coming.

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