ABC27: Thousands of blue ribbon flags in Harrisburg for National Child Abuse Prevention Month

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A strip of blue ribbons in Harrisburg is pretty but comes with a serious message.

Nearly 5,000 blue ribbon flags line a path from the river to the state capitol. It’s the sign that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Each flag represents a substantiated case of child abuse in Pennsylvania in 2022. A memorial garden has 60 black flags, representing each child-abuse death from that same year.

Advocates at the state capitol urge everyone to keep an eye out for children who could be victims of abuse, including the kind that isn’t physical.

“If a child behavior has changed, from good student to not doing well in school, not sleeping, not eating right, if they are younger and potter trained and reverting back to bedwetting,” President and CEO of PA Family Support Alliance Angela Liddle said.

If you find yourself suspecting abuse you can call police or leave an anonymous tip for the specialists at Pennsylvania’s Child line by calling 800-932-0313.

From ABC27, April 2, 2024

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