WITF-FM/Smart Talk: Child abuse reports way down, raising concern for kids

Children’s advocates are raising concerns about the sharp drop in child-abuse reports during the last year.

As schools and care-settings closed doors because of the pandemic, child-abuse reports dropped significantly. This has been attributed to kids spending more time at home and away from teachers and caregivers, who are often the first people to note potential problems and make the reports.

Are there other factors that could cause abuse case numbers to drop? Smart Talk Friday is joined by Jon Rubin, Deputy Secretary for the Human Services Department’s Office of Children, Youth and Families and Angela Liddle, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance who will share their insight to this issue.

To report suspected abuse, call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313.

Listen to the recording on WITF-FM/Smart Talk, aired April 2, 2021

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